Important Information

Rozières Gite Rental in Allier France

Important contact information for Emergency Services
Fire / Ambulance
dial 18
Serious Medical help SAMU
dial 15
Police / Gendarmerie
dial 17

For advice visit any pharmacy they are fantastic in France and will be able to advise you on any medication.

During your visit you may need some advice, Gareth and Judith will be happy to help, however please note that these calls should be for important matters only……. and not at night unless it is a dire emergency
Thank You.

Gareth & Judith

Mobile: (+33) 06 42 90 76 69 WhatsApp, iMessenger, Text etc.

Landline: (+33) 04 70 66 14 96

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The Europen Viper (Adder) is a poisonous snake found in the country side of Allier France, if bitten seek immediate medical assistance.
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Remember while you are staying with us, you are in the country side, there are lots of spiders insects etc, as well as other animals and reptiles that you might come across during you stay.

Some of the replies you need to be aware of snakes and lizards, the main one is the viper snake not to be confused with the Couleuvre snake best practice is to slowly retreat and leave them to get on with their day.

Creatures that STING to watch out for

Insects are also around apart for the mosquito you will come across other insects while in the forest etc so make sure you use your insect replant.

At Rozieres you might be lucky to get to see the ground bees, and other bee’s and wasps be careful of the hornets they can relay give you some problems especially children.